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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

This page is about the kids in Tariba, Tachira, Venezuela who depend on my wife and I. It's in progress

I will keep this page pinned.
Three of the children we are helping out with. We've been sending money but since I can't drive a taxi anymore it's really not quite enough and we're trying to make a big leap here in self-sufficiency with the farm so please check out these little videos and read this page.

Later I'll be getting and posting videos of the food that Daniel is going to buy in Cucuta with the money I just sent by Western Union along with some seeds and the doodad to cut down the grass so planting can get started. Amaranth  seeds are what hopefully he can get because as a crop amaranth is not too difficult to plant and harvest (grows in 4 - 5 months). Also the seeds are a great protein food that have all the essential amino acids and the leaves are good too.

Some of the family lives in the state of Vargas which was the scene of a terrible landslide in the early days of Hugo Chavez' presidency. As you can see the place is physically unstable. I am not an engineer and I don't know if the situation is salvageable. They live in that white house on the hill. From the condition of the road you can tell that the place is slowly descending.

Downtown San Cristobal a Border Town on the Venezuelan side of the Colombian border. You can see there's practically no traffic and that's before the crisis now. The economy is dead.
This food is supposed to last a month for 7 people so yes I am asking you to kick in my gofundme campaign. It's not just to buy food, it's to produce it  Not only for food but for farm equipment to produce food which Venezuela needs - people producing food on the land. Depending on certain circumstances including the success of this campaign I'll be going down there to live.
You will see in the video above what these two boys looked like in September when they couldn't stay at home any longer so they went to stay with their uncle Daniel because certain circumstances didn't allow for them to be cared for at home.


I tried to make a video of me getting $140 from the bank and sending it along with $100 I had already taken out of my social security check and sending $232 via Western Union to Cucuta, Colombia. That's a border town that is what you might imagine a town in Colombia on the Venezuelan border to be. Daniel will pick it up but not today he's in bed with a fever.  He'll get the Colombian pesos, which are now the defacto currency in the Venezuelan border state of Tachira. But he isn't going to bring that money into Venezuela. He is going to buy groceries, seeds for crops but you can't get in Venezuela too simply , and a doodad that he can use to hack away that grass that has overgrown the farm so he can plant the seeds and the kids that you see up on top of this page can  have some good food. I expect he's going to send some pictures from Cucuta which I'll put on this page when he feels up to the journey. But I wanted you to see the kids and I wanted you to understand that this is legit I'm sending money so that they can keep eating.
Please kick in.
UPDATE - 1/31/19

Daniel is in Cucuta right now. He left the Western Union office  It is almost 12:30 in the afternoom here in New York I'll be adding updates.

                      Feb. 1 Daniel dragged himself 2 to get the money we sent buy some food, some seeds, and a weed cutter. Things didn't exactly work out.
It seems he had bad information about how much the weed cutter was going to cost and also he did not feel too safe taking selfies and schlepping bags of food and a farm implement around Cucuta. 
FEB. 2, 2019: Daniel bought mainly $100 worth of beans and platanos which fill up the belly.
And so the bottom line is they are going to hire a guy who has the weed chopper and they got to pay him and feed him while he works on the farm.
If anybody wants to send clothes especially children's clothes could be used not too important and blankets and sheets for beds and I guess canned food the address is above in San Cristobal, Tachira, Venezuela. Folks, I want to buy the weed chopper or at least be able to hire the guy who is in business with one and keep feeding this family until they are self sufficient on the farm.
February 14, 20019
Things went south a little bit. Daniel's smart phone totally died. He needs to get a news battery, probably in Cucuta if the border remains open. Please help with this project.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Another two voices for sanity

People wave Venezuelan flags during a parade marking 200 years of Venezuela's independence in Caracas, Venezuela, Tuesday July 5, 2011.

Moscow Calls for Intra-Venezuelan Dialogue Amid Political Crisis

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Russia urges all political parties in Venezuela to engage in a constructive dialogue, mediated by regional and international officials, in order to defuse the unstable political situation in the country, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Friday.
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Venezuela ruled that it would assume the legislative powers of the country’s National Assembly, which is currently controlled by the opposition majority.
“Broad and constructive political dialogue should be launched in the country [Venezuela] to prevent any further escalation of confrontation … It would be advisable for the mission of international mediators represented by respected international politicians and the regional community (UNASUR) to resume their operation,” Zakharova said.
When making decisions, the Venezuelan government should stick to the law as it is explicitly written, the spokeswoman stressed.
“Measures must be taken to resume the operation of all legal bodies of power, which should adjust their activities, including those that have resulted in the current crisis, to the national legislation,” Zakharova added.
The Organization of American States (OAS) held a special meeting to discuss the situation in Venezuela on Tuesday. OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro Lemes called for Venezuela's expulsion from the union if general elections monitored by independent international observers are not held in the near future.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared an economic emergency in Venezuela in January 2016 amid widespread food shortages, hyperinflation and anti-government protests in the oil-rich nation that was once one of the wealthiest in Latin America.
In October 2016, the parliament voted for initiating impeachment proceedings against the president, which were later dismissed by the Venezuelan government. On January 9, the parliament declared that Maduro abandoned his post as result of dereliction of duty, but the Supreme Court of Justice stated that the National Assembly does not have the constitutional powers to declare abandonment. Maduro classified the parliament’s actions as a coup attempt.

Ro Khanna blasts Bolton on Venezuela regime change putsch


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Venezuelan Hunger Refugees Targetted In Ecuador

Monday, January 28, 2019

John Bolton's Notebook

By Caracol (Colombia) / Aporrea
 01/28/2019 07:39 PM

500 trots to Colombia, said the notebook of the US Security Adviser, John Bolton, announcing sanctions against PDVSA.

5000 troops to Colombia, said the notebook of the US Security Adviser, John Bolton, announcing sanctions against PDVSA. 
Credit: Twitter @nedprice

General Mark Stammer, commander of the Southern Army of the USA

General Mark Stammer, commander of the Southern Army of the USA

January 28, 2019 .- According to Radio Caracol of Colombia, General Mark Stammer, commander of the Southern Command of the United States, will arrive in the next few hours. 

According to military sources cited by Caracol, the reason for General Stammer's visit is to "strengthen" ties of friendship with Colombia, to meet with the new military and police leadership and to review border issues. 

The visit comes shortly after the United States announced severesanctions against Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA , freezing $ 7 billion in assets and restricting the sale of Venezuelan oil to the United States.
During the press conference, the analyst and political adviser Ned Price, noted that in the notebook of the US Security Adviser, John Bolton, contained a paragraph that said "5,000 troops to Colombia."
Bolton refrained from making such an announcement. However, the visit of the commander of the Southern Command to Colombia could be an indication of an imminent announcement of deployment of troops or a clever mediatic maneuver of intimidation to the Maduro government.
The Donald Trump regime has intensified in recent days its policy of "regime change" to remove Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.
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"But Venezuela has given benefits to the poor..

28-01-19.-A sterile 75% increase approved by the Executive for the table of Homeland Bonds of the Nation,(welfare) the payment called "José Gregorio Hernández", the protection bonus for humanized birth delivery and breastfeeding mothers  "evaporates "With the purchase of just one item of the basic family basket. 

Of the more than 15 million Venezuelans assigned to the Carnet de la Patria (benefits card), six million of those registered receive the different classifications of Households of the Nation, according to balances provided by the Government. 

These tables, which range from one beneficiary per family to one set aside for households with six or more members, do not match the economic reality of the country or the number of members who receive the (welfare payment) bonus.

In national chain, (televised report by President Maduro) and for the celebration of the second anniversary of the Patria (welfare) system, President Nicolás Maduro announced the increase. It is the first adjustment of the year, but the second adjustment done in two months, because at the end of November he also adjusted the totals, "devoured" already by hyperinflation. 

For those considered "families", with one member, it went from BsS. 800 to 3,200 bolivars, which is enough to choose between buying a kilo of rice, one of precooked flour or one kilogram of sugar. 

If it is two people, they will receive BsS. 4,800 instead of 1,200 sovereigns, with which they will be able to acquire 250 grams of coffee. In the case of three members per household, the benefit extends from 1,800 to 7,200 sovereigns, equivalent to one kilo of cheese.

For four family members, the Executive will grant BsS 9,000 instead of the 2,400 bolivars charged in January.This new amount yields barely a kilo of meat, insufficient to sustain the feeding of four people until the benefit comes again. 

For families of 5 people, the amount amounted to 6,000 bolivars, to be located in BsS. 12,000, insufficient to cover more than a liter of edible oil. While BsS. 14,400 are destined to those grouped in families of 6 or more consanguineous, money that can be translated into a kilo of detergent to wash clothes.

Also, the José Gregorio Hernández voucher, which receives 1 million 688 thousand individuals with some type of disability, increased from 1,800 to 7,200 bolivares, interchangeable resources for a carton of 30 eggs. 

Similarly, the president reported the increase in the monthly economic contribution of BsS. 2,400 to 9,600 for women in pregnancy and lactating through the Humanized Delivery Plan. With this amount they could choose between 8 diapers, sold per unit, or 1 kilo of milk powder, since a package of 30 diapers exceeds 25,000 bolivars and breast milk remains in that "stratospheric" order, touching the 30,000 sovereigns.

The economist Luis Oliveros compared the amounts of the benefits with the parallel dollar rates, current reference for the economy in the country, which currently suffers a de facto dollarization. 

Thus, Oliveros pointed out: "One person, 1 dollar and a peak, two people, 2 dollars, and so on", criticized, and questioned the policy that has already been in the country for two years. "And that's what they call 'protection of homes of the homeland," he said on the social network Twitter. 

"Every time Maduro talks about protecting the people, remember: first, we are in hyperinflation (created by his disastrous economic policies); second, the shortage of medicines that kill Venezuelans every day;third, insecurity; fourth, the delivery of 'chucuto' bonds and, fifth, the government blackmail, "said the specialist.

Oscar Meza, director of the Center for Documentation and Social Analysis of the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers (Cendas-FVM), pointed out, as the most recent study has shown, that "to cover the cost of the basic family basket, the Venezuelan must have at least $ 900 per month. " 

Meza said that it is estimated that a family needs $ 300 to acquire the 60 basic products of the food basket. It requires another $ 600 to cover the basic family basket, which integrates food, services and clothing. 

He also added that for the next 6 or 9 months, the basket could be between 500 thousand and one million sovereign bolivars."In the case of the basic we would be talking about double," he said.

According to another study of the Cendas-FVM, the basic family basket of December 2018 made a total of 464,951.41 bolivares, a rise of 184,970% compared to that same month in 2017. 

In December the rise was 
BsS 81,236.19 ( 62.5 minimum wages) or 153.1%, compared to the month of November, that is, 15,498.38 bolívares per day were needed to cover its cost, equivalent to 3.4 minimum daily wages at that time. 

The Permanent Commission of Finance and Economic Development of the National Assembly reported that the inflation rate registered in the year 2018 was 1,698,488.2%, while that of December stood at 141.75%. In addition, the commission indicated that the inflation rate of food reached 123%.
For its part, the International Monetary Fund forecasts that by 2019 hyperinflation will exceed the alarming figure of 10,000,000% in Venezuela.
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